Welcome to i.kho Webdesign, your partner of choice for everything from a simple web based business card to a database-supported internet platform. And why not extend your homepage design to other publications such as newsletters, business cards and flyers? No matter whether you want to put yourself on the web as a private person or wish to have a homepage for your business, association, office or surgery just contact me!

What's your message?

How complex your homepage will be depends on the type of content you want to provide. Will a brief overview of your products and services, contact information and a few photos be enough for your purposes? Or do you provide a broad range of information with up-to-date news and maybe even an online newsletter? Whatever your requirements may be, this is the moment to think about the purpose of your content - how to best present it.

Which functions would you like to provide?

Does your page serve informational purposes only? Or should interactive features enable visitor input? Forms, guest books, forums and rating functionalities allow your reader to participate.

Is your content changing?

News, trainings, announcements - it requires continuous input to keep your homepage up to date. If you think about outsourcing your web updates, trust me to be a valuable partner. Or why not use content management solutions that enable you to easily add news and edit your content? Contact me, and I can develop an appropriate solution for you.

What's the language of your readers and clients?

I'm able to translate your content into English, German and Farsi. For other languages or specialist translations I can recommend partners such as mgo translations.